Previous Mystery Quilts

2011-12 Mystery Quilts

This year we have two mystery quilts available. “Woven Ribbons” is super easy and in three parts. It is suitable for beginners or quick Hole in the Wall quilts. “Hanging Cabins” is also easy, but has more pieces and takes a little longer to do. It is done in five parts and the best thing is there are no half square triangles! Both mystery quilts will be offered as “Sneak Peek” mysteries; that is, you may ask to see a picture of a finished quilt so you will know better how to plan the fabrics for your quilt.

Thank you to those who participated and shared their Woven Ribbons mystery quilts.     It’s fun to see how the same design looks so different when different color combinations are used. If you would like to do this EASY quilt, the pattern is still available on our website. Additionally, I will continue to have hard copies at our Welcome Table.

All five parts of the Hanging Cabins mystery quilt have also now been made available. You have plenty of time to do this one even if you haven’t started yet. Show and Tell for the Hanging Cabins quilts will be at our June meeting.

Linda Lydecker

Woven Ribbons Part 1       Woven Ribbons Part 2      Woven Ribbons Part 3 

Woven Ribbons Quilt Photo

Hanging Cabins Part 1      Hanging Cabins Part 2     Hanging Cabins Part 3  

Hanging Cabins Part 4  Hanging Cabins part 5 & photo

Woven Ribbons Show & Tell January 2012 




2010-2011 Mystery Quilt Pattern

There has been a lot of interest in this quilt from visitors to our site.  I finally had an opportunity to ask Linda Lydecker if she still had the pattern for this quilt.  She shared the whole pattern with me, as well as the separate clues that she prepared to make is a Mystery Quilt.  The original pattern is from Cute Quilt Patterns and the copyright allows for use by individuals and quilt guilds members.

Pattern for Mystery Quilt 2010-11

Pattern in Four Parts:

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 1

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 2

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 3

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 4


2010-2011 Mystery Quilt Show & Tell





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