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Auction was a Success!!!

We would like to thank all members who contributed items to the Take it To Go Auction.  The early results show the auction and sale was a success.

Lots of hard work was done by many individuals before and on auction day.  Without the help of so many, a successful auction would not have been possible.

Our refreshment table was well stocked and happy people spend more money!!

Also,  a  huge thanks to the bidders and the purchasers of items.  A full recap will be done at the June Meeting.


Susan Holsing and Pat Atkins

Take It To Go Auction Coordinators




Reminder our Auction in Wednesday May 9th.  Doors and sale items start at 6:00 PM.

Auction items 7:00 PM.

Refreshments – Raffle Quilt – Raffle Baskets

Cash or Check only!!

Many wonderful items, come and bring a friend (or two)!!!

There will be no Show and Tell, no Free Table, and no Dog Beds.


Quilters Connection Auction

QC Auction – April 23 –2018 –
Preview at 6 pm & Auction starts at 7 pm
QC is having an Auction, a Silent Auction and a Grab and Go Table  all on the 23rd – But you know this – right????
If you want to see a sampling of what is being auctioned, please look at the website – we have posted so many items on the site that will be either auctioned or appear on the Silent Auction Table.

Auction: The auction will consist of quilts, wallhangings and larger items of notable quality.   Larger Fabric packs, for example – a bungle of green fabrics  totaling 12 yards of fabrics; as well as a Civil War Kit with all fabrics included; A Wood Sewing Box full of threads, notions, rulers, etc, etc,; a new Babylock Sewing Machine and a Serger and more.    Everything will be numbered 1 to 60.
Silent Auction:   The Silent Auction will consist of a variety of items  — smaller units or kits and other misc. items that cannot fit into the main auction.  We can only auction so many items in the time allowed.  For those of you who are not familiar with Silent Auctions — this  is  how it works.   The round tables on the back of the hall will have all silent auction items.  They will be labeled by letter :   A to Z.  There will be a pile of related items with a sheet of lined paper ( also with a letter corresponding to that item)  and three columns:   Name, Paddle number, and Bid Price.   You write your name and Paddle number  as well as what you want to bid on that particular item.   Someone else comes along and decides they also want that item – they add to the bid and so on .  You may  keep track of an item since you want it so badly that you may write your name down several times until the bidding ends at the silent auction.   At a specific time during the night we will end all silent auction bids and remove all papers from the table.  The last name and bid on the form will own that item.  We will announce the winners and their bid will be added to their name on the computer as part of their final purchases from the auction.
Grab & Go Table :   The grab and go table will consist of many smaller  items – smaller bundles and misc. fabrics, notions, threads, crafts, yarns, quilting hoops and so many other items.  The items you select at the Grab and Go Table will be paid for at that table so you can Pay,  Grab and Go.
TOTE BAG SALE  We will also be selling  the QC tote bags, should you need  a bag to carry all your goodies home in.  This will be a separate sale set up in the room – CASH/CHECK only
QC will not be accepting credit cards the night of the auction, – CASH & CHECKS ONLY.
At the end of the night, when you check out, we will have several people assisting to check  you out  at the registration table.  Please be patient
When You Arrive at The Auction:
When you arrive at the auction hall, you will stop by the registration desk and sign in.  If you are a member, you will receive a paddle with a number on it – this number has already been assigned to your name in our computer and you will be told what number to take from the pile of paddles.  If your friend or friends come with you and they  are not members, we need to assign them a number.  There will be two lines for registration:            —   A to L  and M to Z.
From there you can put your personal belongings on a seat and start shopping at the Grab and Go  and/or the Silent Auction or the Tote Bag Table.  All  areas will be marked  and  All Auction items will be on the stage.
At the end of the night, when you check out, we will have several people assisting to check  you out  at the registration table. The  Auction items  you bid on and the silent auction items ( if any) will be totaled for your payment. 
                                        REMINDER:   CASH & CHECKS ONLY.
Looking forward to seeing all of you on the 23rd of April.
Remember:   Ones discards and donations, could be treasures for you!!!!!

**Beebe Estate Reception Date Change**





The Beebe Estate Gallery is pleased to announce that Laurie M. Thies and her students of Mary Rose’s Quilts & Treasures of Reading, Massachusetts will be the featured artists for the month of May 2018

The show will open with a reception on Friday May 11, 2018 from 7 pm – 9 pm at the Beebe, you can view the show while enjoying some light refreshments and drinks.

The Beebe show will be open for the following Saturdays May 5, 12, 19, 26, 2018 from 11 am – 3pm.

Laurie’s passion for quilting started the Shop in Reading and has helped her students grow and explore the traditional style of quilting along with the modern concepts and fiber arts. The show will featured finished quilts, unfinished tops, small quilted items, fabric dolls and other quilted art pieces.

Come browse and inquire about quilt classes, purchase a finished or unfinished quilt, or even a quilted art piece for that special friend that you might need a gift for. Come and join the fun and explore with fellow quilters, friends and family.


Looking forward to seeing everyone at our reception Friday May 11, 2018 – 7 pm – 9 pm.


The Beebe Estate

235 West Foster Street

Melrose, Ma. 02176