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Mystery Quilt – March

Due to the cancellation of North Parish’s guild meeting, the solution to the mystery quilt was not been passed out.  A PDF copy of the solution is attached.

I have the hard copies of the solution which I will pass out at the April meeting. If you would like to contact me to receive this printed hard copy, my email is  At the April meeting, I will be explaining how to re-square the quilt before adding the borders.
A color copy of the finished quilt will be on a separate email.
Hope this helps everyone,
Linda Jeffrey, The Caped Crusader

Pattern for the 2010-2011 Mystery Quilt

2010-2011 Mystery Quilt Pattern

There has been a lot of interest in this quilt from visitors to our site.  I finally had an opportunity to ask Linda Lydecker if she still had the pattern for this quilt.  She shared the whole pattern with me, as well as the separate clues that she prepared to make  this a Mystery Quilt.  The original pattern is from Cute Quilt Patterns and the copyright allows for use by individuals and quilt guilds members.

Pattern for Mystery Quilt 2010-11

Pattern in Four Parts:

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 1

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 2

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 3

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 4

Mystery Quilt Revealed

Now that Linda has helped us to solve this year’s Mystery Quilt let’s give credit to Debbie Caffrey who wrote the original pattern called “Sew What”.

Thank you to Debbie for making this pattern available for us to use and to everyone who participated in this year’s Mystery Quilt.

June 2015 Meeting Photos

We certainly had quite a show of quilts at our June meeting this year.  What a fun night that was.

I managed to get quite a few photos of the quilts and wanted to share them with all of you.

Here are the Camping Quilts starting with our Grand Prize winner:Camping_quilts_143_01

our Runner Up Quilt:Camping_quilts_140_01


and the rest of the camping quilts:

Here are our Mystery Quilts:

Here is the quilt we presented to Lenny for his generosity towards the charities that our members help by making quilts and pillow cases:


We asked Lenny to give this quilt to a worthy Veteran:


This is the Signature Quilt we gave to thank Antoinette for being such a fun and inspiring Guild President this year:

award-quilts_157 show-tell_161_01

And here are a few of the show and tell and charity quilts: