Board Members

Co-Presidents Rosemary Koch and Dawn DeCosta
Vice President   ~~~ Vacant Position ~~~
Treasurer Pat Atkins
Secretary Joanne Barber
Events Coordinator 2017-2018 Christine  Brungardt and Dawn Sampson
Events Coordinator 2018-2019 ~~~ Vacant Position ~~~
Web Master/Newsletter Coordinator Susan Holsing
Membership Coordinator Joanne Barber
Refreshment Coordinators Linda Rose
Greeters and Attendance Takers Betty Atkins, Jan Funai
Sunshine Coordinator Joanne BArber
Raffle Basket Coordinator  ~~~ Vacant Position ~~~
Charity Coordinator Marcia DiBrigard
Holiday Tea Coordinator Laurie Theis
Auction Coordinator Susan Holsing and Pat Atkins
Ice Cream Social Coordinator Laurie Thies
New Member Mentor Debra Cioffi
 Fund Raising Coordinator  ~~~ Vacant Position ~~~

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