Protect Your Sewing Machine

A note of caution from Christine Brungardt

My sewing machine died.  I plugged it in, the light came on, but its touchscreen was black.  Not a sound came from my expensive doorstop.

Right now it is back at the manufacturer’s (not the sewing machine store – but back to Pfaff) as the diagnosis is one of the 3 computer boards inside it is fried.

I was told that the new recommendation for all computerized sewing machines is that they should be plugged into a “UPS” surge protector with a “line conditioner”.

That power drops as well as power surges can easily fry these expensive computers that sew.  I had thought that since I unplug my machine whenever I’m not using it and since I don’t sew during thunderstorms that I wouldn’t need one.  I was wrong.  It may be covered under the warranty – I’ve had it 3 years now – I’ll find out if there are any loopholes to that statement when I get my machine back.  But even if it doesn’t cost me anything, it is still a huge downer to be without it while it gets shipped out.  And if it wasn’t covered under warranty or if I have to pay for labor, it will be an expensive lesson.




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