Looking to Help to Re-Purpose Linens

This message is being posted for a friend of Jean’s:

“I am looking to find a creative sewer or quilter to help me with a project. I have a lot of embroidered linens that were made by my grandmother and other relatives. I do not expect to be able to use them on a table, too impractical for me to try to keep them clean. I am looking to find someone with ideas as to how to piece some of them together (someone who would then do the sewing for me) so that they can be repurposed. I am thinking perhaps of some type of fabric collage, maybe multiple fabric collages that can be framed. (I would then take the pieces to a framer.) This way, I can keep samples of each of them without being burdened to find space or use for all of them. (It seems like a shame to keep them folded up in a closet and not find a way to display them.) If you know of anyone who has made a business out of quilting and stitching, perhaps you can refer them to me. Thanks!”

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