Confessions of a Quilter

Christine Brungardt has asked me to post this information for our guild members.

Confession is good for the soul (and in this case a few laughs) and that’s what we are going to do for our March meeting.

What are we confessing?  Our stashes, our WIPs, our first and worst quilts, our sewing rooms  in their pristine and not so pristine states.

We are going to have a slide show of our confessions.  Of course it is up to you whether you wish to remain anonymous – though we can’t guarantee that your friends who recognize that sewing room won’t rat you out.

To make this work, we need your help.  Take pictures and e-mail them to: 

cebrungardt @ (remove the spaces which were added to defeat the evil web crawling robots!!!)

And for those who need help with taking and emailing pictures, just ask and I’m sure we can arrange a helper.


Christine Brungardt, Program Coordinator  

p.s. On a serious note, I always find it fascinating to see people’s workspace.

IMG_1121 IMG_1135


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