Hole in the Wall Final Update

Hi Everyone,

Many thanks to Marcia for delivering our MANY quilts to the Hole in the Wall Camp. Marcia says they SO LOVE our quilts because they are so bright and cheery, and lots for boys as well. The 2015 totals were 86 quilts and 135 plus pillowcases.

WOW!!! With all your hard work, we exceeded our goal of 80 quilts. THANK YOU everyone who participated in any way. Every little bit helps.

This year quilts were also given to “almost campers”.  This improves the lives of children who are in the hospital or at home and not able to attend camp.

And, Marcia reports that there is a program just formed that gives the older campers who can no longer come to camp a prom night. Everything, of course, was donated. Many of these children have such serious medical issues that they can’t complete school.

Also — remember our next season’s charity block is the same — the two-fabric block, a square framed by another square. If you make a few for September, one of the fabrics should be BLUE!

Cheers and have a great summer,


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