September is around the corner…

Hello NP members –

The summer is slowly coming to a close and before you know it, September 11th will be here.   This is our first meeting of the year and our fabulous show and tell.  Hope you will all have something to show – even if it not finished  –partially finished pieces are just fine.  Show us what you have been working on.  We had a board meeting recently and discussed our venue for the year – we have a great year planned and the Program Committee has done a great job putting together a year of fun and great interest.  You won’t be disappointed.

We also need to say that we have two positions available for the year and are hoping  someone would come forward to take them on for next year:

Raffle Basket Coordinator

Fat Quarter Raffle

If any of you or a group of you would like to take on either of these committees, it will be greatly appreciated.  Both positions can be fun and interesting.  Please think about it and let either of your Presidents’ know your interest –  we would like to have these both in operation at the September meeting.

Kim Blanchard and RoseMary Koch


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