Board Meeting

Hello North Parish Members:

We have scheduled a Board meeting on August 7th at 7 pm at Quilters’ Common.  Anyone is welcome to attend – we would love to have members join the meeting as well – we want to hear your ideas and suggestions.  This is your guild, come and have a say in what is being proposed for the year.

We would like to have last years’ Board  & Committee Chairwomen as well as the new Board and Chairwomen attend.  Several of you are in the same position – but especially if you are not going forward with the same position you had last year.  Hopefully, by now you have transferred all your notes and miscellaneous items to those taking over your previous position.  If not, plan to do so at the Board meeting.  Some of the committees still will need to submit a report from the last year.

There is a lot to discuss for the upcoming year.  We welcome any suggestions you may have and hope you will take the time to attend this meeting.  We plan to set up the budget for the year, so everyone will know what is expected of them and perhaps collect some fresh ideas on how to increase the treasury going forward.

Kim Blanchard & RoseMary Koch Co-Presidents  for 2013-2014


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