Quilt Kits for Boston Strong

Important email relative toboston strong

Boston Strong Quilts…

Hello North Parish Quilters.   I am writing you to try and find 4 people to sew 4 Boston Strong Quilts.

Many of you know Colleen Whary who had been a member of North Parish Quilters for some time.  Colleen started a project for victims of the Boston Bombings and put together many kits and had a comfort quilt workshop to make about 40 + quilts for the victims of the bombings.  I was able to get batting from Warm and Natural donated and also got an additional dozen Tee Shirt centers with the Boston Strong Logos from Chowderheads in Peabody.   Colleen was kind enough to  prep these center panels for me and I am trying   to complete these 12   kits for these victims.  Jane Norberg ran a comfort quilt day at St. Marguerites Church recently and 8 kits were given out and are nearly complete and ready for distribution.

I still have 4 quilt kits ready to give away to someone who has a few hours to make up these quilts.  They are about 48 X 50” and all squares and strips are cut for you and ready to just sew, sandwich and bind. The kit has a simple pattern , backing and batting is also included in these kits.

If any of you would please help  out and take one of these kits, it would be appreciated.  Colleen Whary is keeping the list of those who need quilts and these will go to Colleen for distribution.  Thank you.

I will have these kits at the  meeting on Wednesday – only have 4 kits and only need 4 people to come forward.  Thank you so very much.



One thought on “Quilt Kits for Boston Strong

  1. Colleen

    I want to thank you for running this notice about my Boston Strong Quilts project. Thanks also to Rosemary for trying to keep things going. I know that many members of NPQ have already done a lot of work anonymously through Laurie Theis quilt shop. I am very grateful for your support. To date, I have distributed 35 quilts to survivors of the Boston Marathon bombings and the families of Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell and Sean Collier. In fact, I learned today that quilts were hand-delivered to Denise and Bill Richard this past Sunday at the memorial service held for their son, Martin. I am told that they were extremely touched and grateful for the gift. Thank you for making this project possible.
    Colleen Whary


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