our dear friend Wendy Kinzler

Below is an email that Ellen O’Sullivan, a fellow NPQ member received and has kindly asked me to pass along to our guild members.


Hello fellow Nimble Thimbler members –

It is with heavy heart that I pass on the very sad news of the passing of our fellow quilter and friend Wendy Kinzler earlier this evening.  I learned this from an email, kindly passed on to me from Wendy’s friend Suzanne Sullivan, which I have included her comments, here.

“I’ve just learned that Wendy Kinzler died just before 6 p.m. today.  It would be lovely if word could be passed around to people who knew her.  Her daughters are evidently thinking about doing a memorial service for her in Reading early next week.  I will happily send more information when I know more.”  From — Suzanne Sullivan


Word will be passed on as soon as we hear about the memorial services for Wendy.  In the meantime, our hearts and thoughts are with Wendy’s daughters and family at this very sad time.

Sincerest regards,

Joanne Noren on behalf of Nimble Thimblers membership





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