Hello North Parish Quilters Members and Members to be…

We have scheduled a NPQ Board Meeting to discuss the upcoming year – Sept. 2012 to June 2013. Dawn and RoseMary are looking forward to working with all of you next year.

 We have scheduled a  board meeting on Sunday night, July 29th starting promptly at 6:30 pm  to about 8 pm.  Laurie Thies has generously offered  us to use her quilt shop for this first meeting — Mary Rose’s Quilts & Treasures in Reading. We are asking all of you that have volunteered  for a position next year to please make every effort to  attend this first board meeting.  We are also hoping that those of you who have vacated a position this past year,  would also please come and pass on any information to the new board taking over. 

Going forward, we had hoped that our board meetings might take place each month about 5:30 pm or so just before the monthly meeting to address any issues or updates happening at the time.  I know you are all so busy and it gets more difficult to schedule an evening where everyone can meet.  Perhaps coming to the monthly meeting a bit early might solve this problem.  We will try  it and see how it goes. 

We would also like to remind you that anyone and everyone is welcome to come to the board meetings and voice their opinions or email any suggestions or questions you might have.  We would love to have you.

We need to have this July board meeting  for several reasons:

introduce the board members to each other, pass on critical information to the new board, to close out last years’ books, set up guidelines going forward,  set the budget and budgets for committees, gather information for the Newsletter for our meeting in September, and in general, addressing your needs and concerns.

I have posted below the list of position that are filled and the positions that are still looking for a few people to handle.  We are still looking for two vital positions to be filled and a few volunteers to assist with some other positions.

Vice President (s) this can be one or two people who will assist this year and hopefully will pick-up as President (s) the following year.

Assistant Treasurer and maybe someone  who will  assist the treasurer this year with the interest in going forward the following year as Treasurer

 These positions are filled… Dawn and I thank you immensely for your coming forward to volunteer:

Co-PRESIDENTS:  Dawn DeCosta and RoseMary Koch

VICE PRESIDENT(S): Need a volunteer or two

TREASURER: Susan Nelson

ASSISTANT TREASURER:  Need a volunteer

NEWSLETTER:  Nicole Scotina

MEMBERSHIP:  Barbara Malek

PROGRAMS & VENDORS:  Ellen O’Sullivan, Gail Russell, and Laurie Thies

HOLE IN THE WALL GANG:  Jean Osborn (needs a few more people to assist)

REFRESHMENTS:  Kim Blanchard and Joanne Barber

SUNSHINE:  Nancy Arcadipane

MONTHLY RAFFLE BASKET:  Sue Colozzi and Linda Weber

HOSTESSING:  Betty Atkins and Jan Funai

DECEMBER HOLIDAY TEA:  Kathy Boardman, Jane Davenport and Rebecca Mohammadi

ICE CREAM SOCIAL:   No one has stepped up for this as yet.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH:  Karen King and Missy Thomson


DOOR OPENER:      We may not need this if we have our board meetings prior to the monthly meeting, but if there is someone interested, we will not turn you away.

Please be reminded that there will be opportunities for volunteering throughout the year for a variety of little jobs – and most of them are a one-time shot.  Please let it be known that you would be willing to help out and we will call you as these little jobs arise.

We would like to ask any member who receives this email  who knows of another member who does not receive NPQ email, please pass this on to the them.

We look forward to hearing from  you or seeing you at the July 29th board meeting.  If you have a concern, a suggestion or need to  talk, please either call or email  Dawn or RoseMary or both:

       ddecosta@earthlink.net      or   dawn.decosta@us.cor-fs.com      

       rmkoch@rcn.com   or    rosemary.koch@pfizer.com    

Thanks again for coming forward.

Dawn DeCosta and Rosemary Koch


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