June 2011 newsletter

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  NPQ Newsletter June 2011

 NPQ BOM June 2011





 The North Parish Quilters Guild meet on the second Wednesday of the month, September through June, at the Union Congregational Church, 148 Haverhill Street, North Reading, MA 01864 The church opens at 6 pm, and the meeting starts at 7 pm



***************************************************************************************************                                                     SNOW CANCELLATION POLICY:   In the event that North Reading Schools are canceled on the day of a North Parish Guild Meeting, then the guild meeting is also canceled.  However, if snow conditions become severe through the day, members will be notified by email by 3pm on the day of the meeting. We ask that everyone assist with notifying our members of a cancellation.  Members without email should contact another North Parish Guild Member.  Thank you. ****************************************************************************************************

President’s Note:

The turned out for the May meeting was excellent, 71 out of 113 for the ballot questions.     The votes are tabulated below.  The good news is we will be having a Quilt Show next year.    A complete list of help needed will be published before the September meeting.    Any questions/thoughts on the questionnaire please email me or let me know at the next meeting.    

Our thanks to Phyllis Vray of Sew Creative.  Her talk was entertaining as well as educational especially about needles. Her show was greatly appreciated by many.

 Remember June is the last meeting before summer and your ticket stubs and money for the raffle quilt are due.   If you had a chance to go thru your stash at home and found any brights or kid friendly fabric that are usable for the Hole in the Wall Gang ladies, please bring them in.   

My thanks to everyone’s support this year and I look forward to next year.   

Question 1:  Table arrangement :  Please select 1: –  Tables will remain at Status Quo

1 -Rows of chairs with limited Tables around the Perimeter.         47 -Status Quo – Tables Vertically. 5  -2-3 rows of chairs w/Table Horizontally after that         10- Tables Horizontal facing stage

Question 2:  My first Quilt – Show & Tell  –  Yes  46         No 19    -Will be sent to Programs Coordinator to be added.  

Question 3:  Meet new members month; Tables assigned with Fabric manufacturers – members sign in and get a fabric table assigned to them.    Yes  25              No 34

Question 4:  Quilt Show for April 13-14, 2012       Yes 54    No 12  – Dates will be announced when set

Question 5:  If no quilt show, sell frostees fat quarters and recipe book at November meeting.  Yes 42    No 14   –  Both Items will be held for Quilt show

Question 6:  If no quilt show, take donated fat quarters minus those for the frostees and raffle them all off at June 2011 meeting.    Yes  43   No 10  —  Again will be held for cookie cans

Question 7:  Quilt Challenge showing at November meeting instead of December meeting

Yes 61     No 6    – Program Coordinator informed and will now be at November meeting       

Question 8:  Sell Quilt Totes to raise funds for guild?   Yes 50    No  16  –  Will be selling totes

Have “Design a Bag” contest for members to design the tote bag    Yes 28   No 21  – Board will set up rules and let members know over the summer

Question 9: Do we need to establish guild by-laws for NPQ?    Yes 24    No 32  If yes, a volunteer committee of members will research and develop and general membership will vote to accept the final draft. No By-laws will be established

Question 10:  Do you want to substitute Holiday 1 yd fabric swap with a Secret Fat Qtr Swap?  Participating members would draw names from a bucket.      Yes 26      No 27      – Will continue the current 1yd swap for Holiday Tea

Question 11:  Do you want the Challenge Quilts voted on?    Yes 48    No 19     

If yes, please select one: .  A – only NPQ members  28   B – An outside panel 6  C – both A&B with a separate prize from each group 3   –  Voting will be done.  Board will meet with Challenge Coordinator and have rules/requirements reviewed and published

Gail Russell


  NPQ Programs & Events

June 8, 2011

  Program:     Ice Cream Social        Vendor:   TBD

The next board meeting will be held on Monday June 13 at Mary Roses Quilts and Treasures  at 6:30pm. All members are welcome to come and give their input.


Welcome all to the annual North Parish Ice Cream Social

Who can make the sunshine? The North Parish Ice Cream Social can. Come and make your favorite sundae and have some laughs and fun.

Please remember to bring your ice cream cone blocks for the Block of the Month Raffle. Who knows, you could be the lucky winner!!! Also do not forget to bring some extra money for the amazing Raffle Baskets. This year our Raffle Basket Lady Denise has out done herself again. I want to give special thanks for all the help that I have gotten from members who just love to have fun and go along with my insanity for this event.

Thanks to the following gals:

Diane Guida, Joan Legor, Denise Orecchio, Rosemary Delaney, Jolene Lewis, Sylvia White, Gayle Blake, Emma Scalzo, Sophia Scalzo, Julia Scalzo, Bev Hinckley, Linda Jeffrey, Jeannie King, Kathy Delcore, Gail Russell, Deborah Feinn

 and anyone else that brought some goodies in and I did not mention a huge thank you to you too.

Hope you all have a great night!

Laurie Thies & The Ice Cream Committee Social Group

Get rid of your UFO’s and be GUILT FREE !!!

 June is the last meeting before summer, I encourage you to donate those blocks you don’t know what to do with, or that you have guilt over because you don’t want to finish them.  Get your left over pieces from a finished quilt, or blocks you didn’t like the colors of and all your mistakes. Clean up all the headaches in your quilting area and sweep away all the guilt with it. Have the freedom to move forward with your quilting; instead of the reminder of what you haven’t yet done.

 The more blocks that I have to work with, the more quilts I’ll make, and the easier it will be to get a uniformed look, same theme, and colors that blend. Please don’t worry about the quality of the blocks, I want them all. Completed quilts will be donated to Hole in the Wall, The house connected with Children’s hospital in Boston, and any other place that the guild decides would be a good fit.

Come see me at the June meeting, I’d love to have everything you have to offer. Also a big…..

  THANK YOU !!!  

to all who brought in your unfinished blocks, quilts, and excess fabric that goes with those block, this past May meeting. I was truly blessed by what was given to me.

Debbie Coffi


A Huge Thank You from the “WHOLE” Gang!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who has participated in the North Parish Quilters charity for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp!  Whether you did a lot or a little, everything you did counts toward the end goal of delivering lots of beautiful and cheery quilts to these sick children.

Some of you have designed and made entire quilts.  While others have sewn blocks, rows or borders. Others have done bindings and more bindings or have donated fabric, blocks, tops or pillowcases.  And some have done quilting.  So many tasks — something for everyone!  We appreciate all your hard work and dedication, on behalf of the kids.

We will again have over 70 quilts and over 170 pillowcases to deliver in June.  The kids are so grateful and so deserving!  They range in age from 7 to 15 and have a wide range of serious illnesses.  The Camp gives them a chance to attend a summer camp like a normal kid — otherwise an impossibility for them.        

So again, we thank you and appreciate your continued support!! 

Marcia deBrigard, Pat Winter and Jean Osborn


 2012 Raffle Quilt

 A HUGE Thank You to everyone who took blocks for the 2012 raffle quilt.  If at all possible, please return them at the June meeting - finished or not.  As soon as that bunch is in we will be ready to start on block production for the next quilt. 
Several people have asked for opportunities to earn tickets for the member's raffle quilt.  As of right now, I can still accept some fat quarters, or even quarter of a yard cuts. (Nothing narrower, please.)   Bright spring colors, combinations of these in blues, pinks, yellows, oranges and shades of purple are all great.
 Beginning at the June meeting I will have production packets available for those who want to earn more tickets.  You receive one ticket for each fabric you donate, and one for each block you sew.  These are your chances to win the member's quilt in 2012.  (Packets are made up of two blocks, so you get two tickets per package.) 
A special Thank You to Brenda Lane, who took a stack of fabric and worked her color magic to make some wonderful block combinations. A lot of the packets given out at the May meeting were Brenda's combos.
 I have gotten the occasional call with a question about a block; feel free to call for any reason:  781-944-4664.

 Deborah Feinn


Charity News Update

                    Hole in the Wall

Hi Everyone,

As June approaches we are watching our count of finished quilts rise.  The count is likely to be around 80 for quilts and 170 for pillowcases.  This is truly wonderful.  For the past three years our quilt count has been around this number and we are so grateful for everyone’s participation.  Some of you are “regulars” who help out every month – without your support we couldn’t get it all done.

This is our plea.  The counts are also high because we (the committee below) have been supplying a lot of the fabric – especially for kits, borders, backs, and bindings.  Also, for example, if you have given us a top –we have supplied the batting, back and binding, and sometimes borders too.  In the past, we had received some generous donations of fabric but that is mainly gone.  So we have been using our own stashes.  So our plea is simple—we need fabric for kits, backs, borders, bindings, etc.  If you give us a top, consider giving us the back or binding too.  Or ask a friend to give some coordinating fabric for back or binding.

PLEASE use all of those coupons for discounts at the local quilt shops or do a little shopping at discount shops.  At 50% or 60% or more off, four yards for a back becomes affordable.  Even a yard for a border or binding will help.  Any cheery colors or patterns are good.

 In general, we buy batting with NPQ funds once per year.  So if you need batting we will supply it for your Hole in the Wall quilt.  Just call or email Jean with the quilt top dimensions and we can arrange it.

Have a great summer!  In September we will appeal to everyone to bring in at least one 6” x WOF strip or something similar for use to make quilt tops or kits. If there is anyone who wants to join us on the “Hole in the Wall” committee – please let us know!  We welcome your help.

 Thanks again for a great year,

Marcia deBrigard, Pat Winter Jean Osborn ********************************************************************** 

North Parish Fat Quarter Raffle 

Remember to bring a fat quarter to swap limited to 3 per person. This month’s theme will be ice cream colored fabrics. Please see Joan Legor and get a ticket to win the bunch.



Free Table   

Don’t forget to check out the free table at the back of the room before and after the meetings. Anything quilt related is welcome – please feel free to “put and take”. 

If you bring fabric and it is still there at the end of the night you may take it home or put it in the P.U.P. box to be made into blankets and donated to the North East Animal Shelter. If you bring anything else quilt related and it is still there at the end of the night please bring it home with you.

This is a great way to recycle magazines, notions and unwanted fabric. Scraps are also welcomed.


Important Miscellaneous Information


NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Please send all updates and informational notes to Nicole Scotina, Newsletter Coordinator, by the 25th of the month to appear in the following month’s Newsletter:  NPQuiltersNews@aol.com

THE SUNSHINE LADY: Please let the Sunshine lady know of members who need some sunshine in their life.  Please e-mail : rubyabrowne@aol.com or call:  781-491-0460.  I appreciate your input.  Thank you, Ruby Browne

GUEST FEES: Please be reminded that North Parish Quilt Guild has a guest fee policy– all guests pay a $3.00 fee for all meetings except when there is a Guest speaker — then the guest fee is $5.00.  We would appreciate members observing this policy.  Thank you.

PARKING:  Please note that we will be reserving the first two spaces in the parking lot for speakers and vendors. 

SUGGESTION BOX:  A penny for your thoughts.  If you have an idea, then let us know.  This is YOUR guild.  What would you like to see and do?  There will be a box at the back of the hall where the check in table is located. Please put your ideas and comments in the box.  We will read them and discuss them at the next board meeting. Thank you. Rosemary Delaney

MYSTERY QUILT: Don’t forget to pick up your Mystery Sheets


Frostees Update

 Hello (again) ladies.  Well, it looks like our Quilt Show and therefore our Frostees are back on track.  With that in mind, for our June meeting I would like to request a fat quarter donation of white-on-white…..representing the whipped cream to top off each Frostee.  Remember, these fat-quarter Frostees will be sold at our Quilt Show.

Keep in mind, you will earn a raffle ticket for each and every fat quarter donated to this fund-raising campaign.  Thank you for all your support!  I’ll see you at the June meeting (yum yum).

 Sylvia White


Quilt Calendar   

  1. October 9, 2010 to June 30, 2011   Old Sturbridge Village Quilt Exhibit.
  2. New England Quilt Museum is sponsoring a Mass Quilt Documentation Project. Antique quilts to be documented by the Mass Quilt Documentation Project may be brought into the Museum on the third Friday of every month. To schedule an appointment please email Questions@NEQuiltMuseum.org or call the Library at 978-452- 4207 Ex. 15
  3. New England Quilt Museum April 14 – July 10, 2011, see One Foot Square, Quilted & Bound, a retrospective look at block-by-block quilts from 1837 to the present. This unusual construction technique almost certainly originated in New England, making this an especially appropriate exhibit for the NEQM. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the exhibit includes rare antique group quilts made especially for soldiers wounded in that conflict.
  4. Trip to Ireland – July 6-14, 2011: Museum sponsored trip to Ireland. The 9-day quilting tour is $3,689: details at Http//www.sewmanyplaces.com/tours/Ireland_0711.html
  5. Maine Quilts July 29-31, Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine. 34th annual quilt conference, sponsored by Pine Tree Quilters Guild. Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.–5 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.–4 p.m. Daily admission $8; multi-day $12; Children 12 & under free with paid adult.
    Workshops with 10 national teachers. Merchants Mall, Demonstrations, Lectures, Quilt Appraisals. 600+ Quilts – Antique, Art, Display, Judged, Raffle. Silent Auction of quilted items – proceeds benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation Women’s Cancer Fund.
    Champagne Reception & Show Preview Thursday, July 28, 7–9 p.m. Friday Gala: Dinner & fashion show with Karen Boutte Friday, July 29, 6:30–9 p.m. www.mainequilts.org or info@mainequilts.org


    Media Message   

 I would like to start off with a gigantic THANK YOU to each and every member of NPQ. You really have made me feel like a valued member of this wonderful guild. I look forward to the fall and will happily continue to be your newsletter/web site coordinator. Special thanks go out to Margaret, Marcia, Sylvia and everyone else that donated fabric to “Pup Quilts” I will be very busy piecing and quilting through all the dog days of summer! My summer will actually be jam packed. When I am not out enjoying the weather I will be inside scanning to my hearts content. Marie Bernard has graciously lent me each and every newsletter that she has received over the years. I have started scanning 1993-1998 but there are many more years to catch up on. As a new member I am very much enjoying reading all of the past newsletters and seeing how our guild has evolved over the years. Susan Richter has also helped me out very much by emailing me 2003-2009 which she already had on her computer. Thank you ladies! So, my ultimate goal is to upload all of the old newsletters onto the NPQ website www.northparishquilters.wordpress.com  by September…..I refuse to specify which year but September is my goal!

Starting with the next newsletter I will be flying solo and sending them out to you myself. You will receive an e-mail on June 9th that says click here to confirm that you would like to receive newsletters from North Parish Quilters. This will enable me to send the newsletter to you. The newsletter will be sent to you in the body of an email. That way, everyone will be able to read it without a problem no matter what software your computer has. If you are like me and like to print the newsletter and read it out on the lanai while enjoying an Appletini (slight exaggeration) then you will be able to print the PDF version at the bottom of the e-mail. The Block of the Month will also be in PDF at the bottom of the newsletter.

I would like to thank Ellen, Dawn, and RoseMary K. for all your help in making this a smooth transition for me. Please email me with any questions that you may have npquiltersnews@aol.com.

Have a wonderful summer,

 Nicole Scotina



Shopping Night @ Quilters Common

 Quilters Common is pleased to announce a special North Parish Quilters Guild night Wednesday evening June 15, 2011. We will be open special hours 5 until 9 pm for North Parish Guild members and their guests only.  

 During this event we will be offering:

  • 20% all regular priced fabric on the bolt, minimum cut one yard please.
  • all precut fat quarters $1.50
  • 30% off all books.
  • Our bargain bin has lots of fresh markdowns up to 65% off!
  • Your regular guild discount of 10% off all regular priced items still applies!

 Hope to see you there, 

Colette & Antoinette

Quilters Common   (781) 587-0360

364 Main Street Rear, Wakefield, MA                         *Enter from Parking lot behind Alano www.quilterscommon.com


North Parish Quilters

2011 Challenge Quilt Rules

  1. With paint chips, use your three initials to choose three paint colors (fabrics) – one for each initial.  If you don’t have three initials, use the first 2 letters of your first name and the first letter of your last name.  If the paint color has a two word name, the initial can stand for either word.
  2. Paint chips you have chosen must be included in a pocket on the back of the quilt.
  3. Fabric must match the chosen color as near as possible and read as a solid.  You can add two fabrics of your choice which can be prints, floral, background, etc.
  4. The size of the quilt is to be no larger than 24” x 24”.  Any size smaller is okay.
  5. It must be quilted (not a pieced top) and have binding.  They are to be shown at our meeting in December.

Contact Linda Jeffrey at 781-233-6278 if you have any questions.

Happy sewing!


Remember to bring to the June Meeting:

 Yourself, of course

Name Tag – yours

Show and Tell

$$$ for the Raffle Table and Vendor Table

June block of the month – “Ice Cream Cone”

Ice cream colored fat quarters for the Fat Quarter Raffle

White-on-white fat quarters for the Frostees

Desserts if you signed up with Laurie

Ideas and suggestions to submit

Crisp, bright spring colored fat quarters for our 2012 Raffle Quilt

Finished charity blocks and quilts

  Membership Form and Dues

   Your Ice Cream appetite!



 Members Bulletin


 Do you have a sewing machine that needs a new home?

Are you looking for a specific book, magazine, or fabric?

The members bulletin is your place to trade, sell, or ask for quilt related items. Check it out, I already have 3 great entries!

 What to do with those 2010 Quilt Challenge Blocks

This past years quilt challenge confused me a little. I thought they were giveaways for Hole in the Wall (like the year before). So, what I did with my little quilt – E for Elephant, E for Exercise with a picture of an elephant jogging, was to give it to a friend at church who has a day care facility. The kids love it! So I’m putting it out there that if you don’t want your challenge quilt from 2010, Artisan Childcare Center located at 237 Winn St. Woburn would love to have them.  Please bring them to the June meeting.

 Thank you,

Debbie Cioffi

 RoseMary Koch is looking for the following issues of American Quilter August thru December 2007 and January & February of 2008.

Fabric swap, anyone?

I have a limited number of Japanese fabrics and would love to make a quilt featuring these.  The block patterns I have in mind lend themselves to more scrappy themes so I could use more Japanese fabrics, but only small amounts.  If anyone is interested in a swap of Japanese fabrics, could you bring a few fabrics you would consider swapping, and your ideas of how to organize it so it is a fair trade,  and talk to me at the next meeting?  Or feel free to call me  (781-944-4664) or email me with your ideas:   folklady@gmail.com

 Thanks! Deborah Feinn

All members are invited to submit quilt related requests to npquiltersnews@aol.comby the 25th of the month for it to appear in the next newsletter. Your requests will continue to run until you email me to take it down. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions that you may have.     Nicole Scotina

Visit  http://www.dreamcastlequilts.com/?page_id=1877 for free PDF pattern downloads of the patriotic blocks seen throughout this month’s newsletter.



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