April 2011 Newsletter




  The North Parish Quilters Guild meet on the second Wednesday of the month, September through June, at the Union Congregational Church, 148 Haverhill Street, North Reading, MA 01864. The church opens at 6 pm, and the meeting starts at 7 pm



SNOW CANCELLATION POLICY:   In the event that North Reading Schools are canceled on the day of a North Parish Guild Meeting, then the guild meeting is also canceled.  However, if snow conditions become severe through the day, members will be notified by email by 3pm on the day of the meeting. We ask that everyone assist with notifying our members of a cancellation.  Members without email should contact another North Parish Guild Member.  Thank you.


President’s Notes:

Thank you to everyone who put a comment in the suggestion box.  Below are the answers that the board decided at the last meeting.  Please continue to let us know what you think, want, or have ideas for. 

Could you put out more tables? There are not enough & 8-9 people at a table is crowded.  Also, put the tables horizontally instead of vertically.  ANSWER:  We only have 15 tables.  There will be a paper ballot at the May meeting and members will vote on changing the table/chairs.

How about no tables & just chairs facing the stage?  Answer: Put on May ballot

For show and tell have “My first quilt” show & tell  Answer: Will be on May ballot

Put names of fabric manufacturers (ex. Moda, Benatex etc) at each table. When members sign in, they pick up a piece of paper with fabric name and that’s the table they sit at (i.e. Moda table).  It’s the only way to meet new people.  Or do it for the first hour of the meeting at least.  – Answer:  on the May ballot

Instead of ask for stamps for the newsletter, simply request x-amount of money for x-amount of stamps, then buy the amount of stamps needed and check against the names on the list.  Wouldn’t that be easier?  Answer:  Since there are only 19 newsletters mailed, the guild has paid for the postage.

Quilt Show:  Need to be on a committee to have quilts entered.  Maybe we’re not a guild that wants to have a quilt show.   Answer:  Voting for a Show to be held in April 2012 will be on the May ballot.  A member packet is in the process and will be given to all members at the September meeting with description of the quilt show job requirements.

Have someone do color value lecture.  I hear Cathy at Candlelite is doing one for quilt guilds.     Answer:  Sent this info to Sally Clapp

Suggestion to benefit new members; in newsletter you tell us who to go to with items such as Fat Qtr Swap, but we don’t know who they are – Maybe an intro at the start of the meeting?         Answer:  Working on logistics for Fat Qtr Swap and Raffle quilt tickets – will announce at the meeting

Have quilt challenge in Nov. instead of Dec and make more of it. No speaker/trunk shows needed. Could sell recipe books and frostees at this. Answer:  Excellent Idea. Will be on the May ballot for both ideas

Why not sell the tote bags at a profit?  Lots of us would buy them. Could have a “design a bag” contest.  Have contestants pay a nominal fee for each design entered. Their prize could be a free bag and knowing you created the design everyone’s bag has.     Answer:  Board loved this idea.  Again, on the May ballot.

Why not have quilt show this fall?  Start now by discussing with members what it entails, descriptions of jobs and who has experience & can help those inexperienced to do job needed. Show have committees of people with at least one person who knows how to or has been through it before. There are members willing but need more guidance.    Answer: Not enough time to get organized for fall show.  Quilt show description and jobs will be in member packet.

Challenge guidelines & rules: paper from Dec. challenge:  “All Challenge pieces will be judged in various categories – for example; Most Unusual, Uniqueness, Originally, most difficult & does it tell a story” –  THIS WAS NOT the case. It was just everyone voted for their favorite & prizes for 1st-4th place were given.  A lot of time was spent on this and disappointing that they were not judge according to what was written here & numerous other hands outs. They were poorly displayed.  There should have been a way of writing what the letter was and how the quilt showed it.  Also December meeting had too many other things going on for a quilt challenge to be displayed and appreciated. Would never do a quilt challenge again.  Answer:  This was perhaps the most troubling comment we received.  The board agreed that the December meeting was much too busy to appreciate the Quilt Challenge and all the work that went into it.   The ballot vote for a November meeting dedicated to this was an excellent suggestion but the fact that a member was so turned off is very upsetting and the way the next challenge will be judged’; whether by jury of selected non-participating members or by member vote as well as any categories or just member’s favorite will be on the May ballot.   I hope that this member will give the challenge another chance if not this time perhaps the next time around.

                  Gail Russell     


NPQ Programs & Events 

April 2011 to June 2011

April 13, 2011

Program:   Mini workshops & Demos                                                                      Vendor:  Quilters Common

May 11, 2011     

Program:   Phyllis Vray                                                                                                              Vendor:  Phyllis Vray of Sew Creative

June 8, 2011     

Program:   Ice Cream Social                                                                                      Vendor:  TBD

The next board meeting will be held on April 18 at Mary Roses Quilts and Treasures at 6:30pm. All members are welcome to come and give their input.


Delightful Demos 

Mini Workshops & Demos April 13, 2011 


We have a wonderful line up of  mini workshops this month presented by members of our guild!!  This is such a great  opportunity to be moving around, mingling with folks, and learning some new tricks or fun ways to get to where we all want to be – quilting!!  Our fabulous line up is as follows:

Brenda Lane will show us a new fun “mock” pineapple block!!  I love those pineapples and Brenda shows us a new twist.  Excellent

Bernadette Reilly-Smorawski will present how to do cathedral windows.  This is just a delightful and peaceful block to do.  Join her because she LOVES this pattern!

RoseMary Koch will show us techniques for stamping on fabric.  “Rubber stamps and rubbing plates??? Just for scrapbooking & drawings???  Not anymore….. Well – come to the demo and see what great things you can do with rubber stamps, rubbing plates, ink, crayons and paint sticks.  It is a whole new world and these can be incorporated into quilts and clothing so easily.  I will demo the various uses of these products and will have samples of items I have completed.  Hopefully, you will find your creative juices and have the enthusiasm to go home and try it for yourself.” –RoseMary Koch

Antoinette Evans will show us how to use a binder ruler that gives a perfect finish to those bindings.  This is really cool, so don’t miss it.

Colette Emilian is demonstrating a “wing clipper”.  This is also a new tool to make our lives a little easier and help us on our way.

Sally Clapp will be making clay buttons!!  You know those cute clay buttons that appear on quilts in just the right place?  Well, stop by, make a few buttons to take home.  Fun and colorful ways to add zing to a quilt.

Our delightful vendor for the evening will be Quilters Common.

Sally Clapp


Calling All Old Members!     


No, I am not talking about elderly members. Geesh! I am looking for all of the young ladies who have been a member of NPQ for many years.  If you have an old membership booklet at home please bring it with you to the April meeting.  We have something in the works for next year and could really use some of the info from the old booklets. Thank you.

                                              Nicole Scotina


   North Parish Fat Quarter Raffle

Remember to bring a fat quarter to swap limited to 3 per person. This month’s theme will be Sports. Please see Joan Legor and get a ticket to win the bunch.


Treasurer needed for next year.

Duties include maintaining the books, paying the bills, making the deposits. It usually takes about 2 -3 hours per month.


     Free Table   

Don’t forget to check out the free table at the back of the room before and after the meetings. Anything quilt related is welcome – please feel free to “put and take”. 

If you bring fabric and it is still there at the end of the night you may take it home or put it in the P.U.P. box to be made into blankets and be donated to the North East Animal Shelter. (see “P.U.P. Pretty Ugly Patchwork”  within this Newsletter for more info.)

If you bring anything else quilt related and it is still there at the end of the night please bring it home with you.

This is a great way to recycle magazines, notions and unwanted fabric. Scraps are also welcomed.

RoseMary Koch is looking for the following issues of American Quilter  August thru December 2007 and January & February of 2008.


   Charity News Update

      Hole in the Wall

 Hi Everyone,

Well, Marcia has been enjoying the balmy breezes of Florida (lucky her!), so we are not sure how many quilts we have, but we know the number is growing!!!

Thank you for working on our kits. WE NEED outstanding kits returned to keep our progress toward our June delivery date  — even if you have not completed them.  In particular, please return the Disappearing 9-Patch blocks with the dalmations and fire motif.  And all others!

We still have BATTING!  So if you have a top and bottom destined for the Hole in the Wall, let us know the size and we can give you batting. (Call Jean at 978-664-0516 a week before the meeting!)  Also we will take good-sized batting remnants to piece together.

CHARITY BLOCK for next year — any suggestions???  Let us know.

We also welcome donations of 6″ x WOF pieces of cheery fabric that we will include in a quilt somehow. Also any large pieces we can use for backs. Remember that the general guideline for quilts is approximately 60″ x 70″ (twin size).


Marcia deBrigard, Pat Winter, & Jean Osborn


 NPQ Refreshment List 

 For April 13, 2011

Mary-Ann MacDonald Susan Nelson Jean Osborn Jean Quinn
Margaret Mahoney Adrienne Nolan Ellen O’Sullivan Susan Reichter
Barbara Malek Doris Nordstrom Sue Pederson Bernadette Reilly-Smorawski
Barbara McCarthy Joanne Noren Allison Pisani Krista Rose
Donna McTague Catherine O’Donnell Lynette Pisani Dorothy Mahoney-Sweeney
Rebecca Mohammed Denise Orecchio Virginia M.Post  


Media Message

Vroom…. Vroom ….We are cruising right along the internet super highway. Our Show and Tell quilts are now proudly displayed on Facebook. I have added a page to the NPQ web site that lists the names of our board members. There is also a page in the works about Hole in The Wall Gang and our charity efforts that will be added to our web site. Make a pit stop if you have a minute and check out the web site at https://northparishquilters.wordpress.com/ and North Parish Quilters Guild on Facebook. Please send me an e-mail at npquiltersnews@aol.com if you have any ideas on how to enhance our website, newsletter, or Facebook page.

 Happy Quilting,

 Nicole Scotina

Five guild members from the Shiner Heritage Quilt Guild in Shiner, Texas spent  80-100 hours putting together the quilt, seen here on a Chevy Blazer.

P.U.P. = Pretty Ugly Patchwork  


I know what you are thinking ….What an awful way to describe a quilt. Let me explain a bit more and you will understand the reason behind this doggone ugly name. I believe in using up all my scraps and keeping my costs low when I can. I want to practice free motion quilting but I already made my daughter a doll quilt. I contacted North Shore Animal Rescue and found out that the animals there are always in need of blankets and guess what? The dogs and cats don’t mind what color or kind of fabric that I use. So my plan is to sew together scrap fabric and make a few quilts for the animals and get some free motion practice all at the same time. If you bring in fabric for the free table and it does not find a new home by the end of the night, please feel free to drop it in the P.U.P. bin and you will help make animals warm and cozy.

Thank you, 

Nicole Scotina


Important Miscellaneous Information


NEWSLETTER DEADLINE:  Please send all updates and informational notes to Nicole Scotina, Newsletter Coordinator, by the 25th of the month to appear in the following month’s Newsletter:  NPQuiltersNews@aol.com 

THE SUNSHINE LADY: Please let the Sunshine lady know of members who need some sunshine in their life.  Please e-mail : rubyabrowne@aol.com or call:  781-491-0460.  I appreciate your input.  Thank you, Ruby Browne

GUEST FEES: Please be reminded that North Parish Quilt Guild has a guest fee policy– all guests pay a $3.00 fee for all meetings except when there is a Guest speaker — then the guest fee is $5.00.  We would appreciate members observing this policy.  Thank you.

 PARKING:  Please note that we will be reserving the first two spaces in the parking lot for speakers and vendors. 

SUGGESTION BOX:  A penny for your thoughts.  If you have an idea, then let us know.  This is YOUR guild.  What would you like to see and do?  There will be a box at the back of the hall where the check in table is located. Please put your ideas and comments in the box.  We will read them and discuss them at the next board meeting. Thank you. Rosemary Delaney

MYSTERY QUILT: Don’t forget to pick up your Mystery Sheets


North Parish Quilters 2011 Challenge Quilt Rules


With paint chips, use your three initials to choose three paint colors (fabrics) – one for each initial.  If you don’t have three initials, use the first 2 letters of your first name and the first letter of your last name.  If the paint color has a two word name, the initial can stand for either word. 

Paint chips you have chosen must be included in a pocket on the back of the quilt.

 Fabric must match the chosen color as near as possible and read as a solid.  You can add two fabrics of your choice which can be prints, floral, background, etc.

 The size of the quilt is to be no larger than 24” x 24”.  Any size smaller is okay.

 It must be quilted (not a pieced top) and have binding.  They are to be shown at our meeting in December.

 Contact Linda Jeffrey at 781-233-6278 if you have any questions.  

Happy sewing!




           Quilt Calendar             

  1. October 9, 2010 to June 30, 2011   Old Sturbridge Village Quilt Exhibit.
  2. New England Quilt Museum is sponsoring a Mass Quilt Documentation Project. Antique quilts to be documented by the Mass Quilt Documentation Project may be brought into the Museum on the third Friday of every month. To schedule an appointment please email Questions@NEQuiltMuseum.org or call the Library at 978-452- 4207 Ex. 15
  3. New England Quilt Museum April 14 – July 10, 2011, see One Foot Square, Quilted & Bound, a retrospective look at block-by-block quilts from 1837 to the present. This unusual construction technique almost certainly originated in New England, making this an especially appropriate exhibit for the NEQM. In honor of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, the exhibit includes rare antique group quilts made especially for soldiers wounded in that conflict.
  4. Trip to Ireland – July 6-14, 2011: Museum sponsored trip to Ireland. The 9-day quilting tour is $3,689: details at Http//www.sewmanyplaces.com/tours/Ireland_0711.html  
  5. The Northern Lights Quilt Guild ShowRichmond Middle School    63 Lyme Road (Route 10 North), Hanover, NH 03755 Saturday April 16, 2011  9:00 AM – 5:00 PM — Sunday April 17, 2011 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM — 200 + Quilts on exhibit, Multiple vendors, Demonstrations, Boutique, Silent Auctions, Quilt Raffle, Wheelchair accessible, Refreshments and “sew” much more *The Featured Quilter this year is Jeannette Stillson of Enfield, NH *Adults $6, Seniors and Children $5  *Raffle Quilt: $1 each or 6 for $5  * Drawing Sunday April 17 Information: http://www.NLQG.org   e-Mail: NLQGShow2011@gmail.com   We are on Facebook


      Quilt Shows

April 7-9 Original Sewing and Quilt Expo Worcester, MAhttp://www.sewingexpo.com/
April 9-10 Haddem Neck Congregational Church Quilt Show Haddem Neck, CThttp://haddamneckcongregationalchurch.org
April 11-16 MQX East – Machine Quilter Exposition Providence, RIHttp://mqxshow.com/catalog
April 16 Seabreeze Quilt Guild Quilt Show Stratham, NH http://seabreezequiltguild.com/show.html
April 16-17 The Northern Lights Quilt Guild Show Hanover, NHwww.NLQG.org  
April 29-30 Merrimack Valley Quilters Guild  Quilt Show Plastow, NHhttp://mvquilters.wordpress.com/quilt-show/
June 3-5 Quilters’ Connection 34th Annual Quilt Show Watertown, MAQuiltersconnection.org
June 24-26 Vermont Quilt Festival Essex Junction, VThttp://www.vqf.org/


Remember to Bring to the April Meeting: 

                                                           Yourself, of course

                          Name Tag – yours

                              Show and Tell

                        $$$ for the Raffle Table

April block of the month – “Magic Circle”

Sports fat quarters for the Fat Quarter Raffle

Ideas and suggestions to submit

Refreshments – If your name is on the list

Crisp, bright spring colored fat quarters for our 2012 Raffle Quilt

Finished charity blocks and quilts

Old membership booklets


click here to print NPQ April 2011 News Letter


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