Veterans and Yawkey Way Update/Collection and Drop Off

Hello everyone, 

Hope you are all making the best of the summer in spite of all the turmoil surrounding the Covid crisis. Just wanted to let you know that I have a lot of kits prepared for veterans and for children’s quilts as well as pillowcases for children. 

Yawkey Way home is open and I have been dropping off quilts and pillowcases the last 2 months.  Several of you have contacted me with finished items  and that you wanted more items to work on. On July 21st,  I dropped off 34 quilts to Yawkey Way home and I thank those of you who donated and worked on these quilts.   

The Veterans hospital will be open after Labor Day so I will be able to drop off those finished quilts as well. 

I plan to meet a few of you at the back door of Quilters Common quilt Shop on Wednesday, August 12th at 12:30.  If any other members have finished items to drop off, and you can meet me there, it would be welcomed.   If you want a few kits to take home, please let me know ahead of time and I will bring them with me.  Please wear a mask. 

Thanks to all who have donated and are willing to help with these quilts and pillowcases.  It is much appreciated. 

Please stay safe and healthy in these crazy and unpredictable times.    I wish you all the best – looking forward to meeting again in person.   Hopefully I will see you on zoom later this month. 

Thank you — RoseMary781-646-1293

Still looking for photos

We want to put together a virtual Show ‘n Tell.  We have received many submissions and are looking for more!!

Let’s have some fun.  Please submit your photos of anything you have been working on (not necessarily quilts).

email to: or


Virtual Show and Tell

It has been several months since we we have been able to meet.  We certainly have been busy making masks and surgical caps.  I’m sure a few UFOs and new projects have been started.

We would like to make a virtual Show and Tell, so members can share work and be inspired by others.

If you would like to participate, please email photos of your work, including masks and surgical caps and any other projects you may have completed.

Email to: or



Scrub Caps!

Going to the grocery store, it amazes me how many homemade face masks are out there.

People have really stepped up.  Now there is a new need.  I reached out to an ICU nurse (who is also a quilter) who works at Boston Medical Center and found out what they need is scrub caps.  The state has managed to find face masks and shields for them, but their hair must be completely covered.  They are running low on disposable scrub caps and are being allowed to wear their own fabric scrub caps.  There are 70 ICU nurses and ideally I wouldn’t want them to have to come home from these long and draining shifts and have to do laundry each day.

The first video is explains better what to do, but doesn’t use the elastic that really makes a difference in fit.  The second video uses the pattern requested and shows where to put the elastic.

The pattern pieces: the requested pattern is an etsy pattern.  It is larger than the pattern in the first video.

So if you are interested in doing this, please contact: and we’ll get you the pattern or maybe even some kits.

We’ll probably limit it to those who want to make a whole bunch.

I’ve made 15 so far.  Once you make the first one, it isn’t hard. Hint, do all the ironing first.

You do need 3” of ¼” elastic for each one.  Reach out if you would like to make a bunch, but don’t have the elastic.

As for pickup and delivery, we can pick up at your house and deliver it to the nurse who lives in Reading.

1/4″ Elastic

Fellow North Parish Quilters,
Hope everyone and everyone’s family are staying healthy.
Like so many others I was having difficulty finding elastic for masks. Finally ordered and received 50 yards.  My son knew I had had difficulty finding elastic and found 50 yards and ordered it for me.
Now I have way more than I can use myself. I would like to offer it to members of NPQ who need it. Please get in touch with me if you would like elastic free of charge.
My email is or text to 351-201-9685
Carol Hayes


Every hospital is critically short of face masks as the whole world is in critical need of these supplies. They are being asked to reuse what masks they have to the point of wearing bandannas over them.  Hospitals are asking for anyone who can so to make cotton mask covers.
And if you have sewing elastic – dig through your supplies, please either make these masks or pass it along. Sewing elastic is now as hard to find as hand sanitizer and toilet paper. If you don’t have elastic, use ties – ribbon, cording, make fabric ties (think thin binding strips folded in half and sewn or however you make pocketbook handles).
There are many different patterns out there,  In WWII, the Red Cross had standardized patterns.  We are not there yet.  So here are some choices:
Deaconess Hospital (video at the bottom):
Missouri Star Youtube video:
I rewrote these directions, so we’ll send that out as well.  This pattern is more complex and can’t be used with N-95 masks.
Those on the home front have always come through for those on the front lines.  This guild has always stepped up for those in need and now the need is great.
– Christine


Out of an abundance of caution and in consideration of our members and those who would attend our show, North Parish Quilters it was voted at the Wednesday meeting to  cancel the quilt show that was scheduled for April 3&4.  As of last night, the Governor has made it manditory that we cancel this event.
Hopefully, this pandemic will pass quickly, we will all have gotten through it unharmed and life will return to normal.  In the meantime, find solace and calm yourself through your quilting.

– Christine