Board Meeting – Monday August 14 – 6:30 PM

Hello everyone,

Well, here it is August and does anyone have any idea where the summer has gone? Time has flown away and  we need to be thinking about finalizing the 2017/2018  North Parish Quilt Year.  We are looking forward to another great year with North Parish Quilters and look forward to next year.

We invite you to the first Board meeting of the year to be held at 6:30 pm at MaryRoses Quilts and Treasures at 10 Brande Ct.,  Reading, MA .  Thank you Laurie for opening up your shop for this Board Meeting and thanks to everyone for making time out of your busy schedules to attend this meeting.

We encourage anyone who wants to attend to do so.  We welcome your input  for the upcoming year – any ideas or suggestions will be considered.  We encourage  those of you who are  on the Board or Chairing a Committee(s) to attend and give your report and status of your Committee.   If you have a report for the meeting and cannot attend, please either send it to Dawn or RoseMary ahead of time or have someone else report for your Committee.   Information  from this meeting will also be inputted into the Newsletter, which should go out no later than the end of the month.  We expect each Committee to send their information to The Newsletter Committee.

We are looking for reports from the following Groups:

Treasurer Report

Membership Report

Programs/Vendors Report

Auction Committee

Newsletter Status

Raffle Committee

Fat Quarter Raffle Coordinator

Mystery Quilt Coordinator

Refreshment Committee

Comfort Quilt Reports:

     Hole in the Wall Gang

     Yawkee Way Home

Old Business – Is there any?

New Business

Thank You.

Dawn and RoseMary

Batting Scraps

Debbie Cioffi is looking for donations of batting scraps.  Yes, that’s right!  Aren’t we always wondering what to do with our batting scraps?

Debbie will take pieces that are as small as 2 1/2″ x 2 1/2″.

These will be pieced tighter for Yawkey Family Inn quilts and also used for charity dog and cat beds.

Please bring your scraps with you to the June meeting and give them to Debbie.

Hole in the Wall Quilts

Marcia hosted a get together for everyone who helped out with the Hole in the Wall charity quilts.

Here are some photos of all of the quilts.  The guild made an amazing 86 quilts!  It really was wonderful to see all of those bright and cheery quilts.

Thank you Marcia and Pat for all of your hard work putting the kits together, piecing and quilting and organizing the effort to get all of these quilts ready for the campers.



Pattern for the 2010-2011 Mystery Quilt

2010-2011 Mystery Quilt Pattern

There has been a lot of interest in this quilt from visitors to our site.  I finally had an opportunity to ask Linda Lydecker if she still had the pattern for this quilt.  She shared the whole pattern with me, as well as the separate clues that she prepared to make  this a Mystery Quilt.  The original pattern is from Cute Quilt Patterns and the copyright allows for use by individuals and quilt guilds members.

Pattern for Mystery Quilt 2010-11

Pattern in Four Parts:

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 1

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 2

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 3

Mystery Quilt 2010-11 Part 4

Mystery Quilt Revealed

Now that Linda has helped us to solve this year’s Mystery Quilt let’s give credit to Debbie Caffrey who wrote the original pattern called “Sew What”.

Thank you to Debbie for making this pattern available for us to use and to everyone who participated in this year’s Mystery Quilt.